Consulting on filming opportunities in Sweden
Studio equipment package deals
Licenses & Permits
Fast-track shooting-permit procedures along with anti-piracy support with assistance from Swedish Anti-piracy Bureau
Valuable contacts: filmmakers, authorities, locations, distributors
Taxation & VAT
VAT refund for foreign filmmakers
Filming locations
Location scouting & budget consulting
Anti Piracy
Anti-piracy support with assistance from Swedish Anti-piracy Bureau
Film crew operations
Project management support and assistance to film crews

With your choice of backdrop that ranges from modern design and architecture in a contemporary European city setting, to a fairytale scenery with medieval villages tucked in lush fields, you will be introduced to one of the world’s oldest and most sophisticated film making institutions, which will cater all your needs.

Serenity of the scenic gardens to heart-throbbing landscapes and seascapes right from crowded places like markets and busy streets, you find everything in abundance to add relish to your film.

Though the process of film making in a foreign country is filled with hassles, confusion and language difficulties, a reputed institute like The Oresund Film Commission for official assistance and Connecting Bollywood as the local helping hand, you are bound to experience a smooth shoot round the clock

All transactions are completely transparent giving you a total overview of where each penny is being spent. We are also extremely cost effective with varying options for varying requirements.

Our association with the Swedish Rights Alliance(Svenska Antipiratbyrån) will help safeguard and promote your films copyright. This is a unique service offered for the first time by Connecting Bollywood.